'Fr David King
Parish Priest

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 Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

 Weekday Mass or Liturgy

Sunday Mass

 Monday 24th     

 Tuesday 25th                  

 Wednesday 26th         

 Thursday 27th      

 Friday 28th          

 Saturday  29th     

    9.30am L


    9.30am & 8.00pm




 L:  Liturgy; F: Funeral;


Saturday 22nd                   


Sunday 23rd                            




Welcome to the Parish

Newsletter Mass Readings

"A Church which 'goes forth' is a Church whose doors are open…"

 - Pope Francis  (Evangelii Gaudium - The Joy of the Gospel)


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Here at the Holy Name, we thought of using Lent as a way of making certain environmental commitments as a community.  So if you are able to sign up to one of these commitments then please do!
Eat meat free 1 or 2 days a week
  Have 1 or 2 car free days a week
  Shower for no longer than 5 minutes
  Turn off the tap whilst brushing teeth
  Use re-usable coffee cups and water bottles

See posters at the back of the church and sign up!

WORSHIP NIGHT - Friday 28th February 8-9pm
Following on from our previous two very beautiful worship evenings, another one will take place on 28th February.  The hour will consist of adoration of the blessed sacrament and some beautiful worship songs and music.  All are welcome.

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